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Who We Are

We are two brothers with deep roots in Southwest Arkansas. Our family has been in Southwest Arkansas for over 100 years. We have always been agricultural and we now have a family cattle farm here in Hope.

We obtained our education from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and from the very beginning, we knew we wanted to practice law and raise our families in Southwest Arkansas.

Montgomery Law Firm began in 2015 in downtown Hope, Arkansas and we have personally appeared in Arkansas State Court in over 15 counties. We pride ourselves on the significant victories we have won in court, but we take even more pride in those times we could work to restore peace between families and friends turned litigants.

Our Values

Integrity – Whether you know it or not, allowing an attorney to help you on your legal matter can be one of the most significant decisions of your life. We do not take that responsibility lightly. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, of not just ethics, but of morals.

Restoration – It is our ultimate goal in every case to try to restore the parties. Whether it be a personal injury action where money damages will serve as a substitute to restore you for your missed enjoyment of life, or a family law case where two different parties with different ideas have to work together to share a child for the rest of their lives. We truly believe that peace is worth fighting for.

Advocacy – When you place your trust in us, we treat your case like our own. Your victory is our victory, your peace is our peace.

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